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All Exercises Performed By Former World Class Sprinter Marcus Brunson

The #1 Way to Naturally Enhance Your Speed

Marcus Brunson has worked in the speed enhancement industry his entire adult life:  

He has helped hundreds of other athletes around the globe — now he wants to help YOU too!

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Let This All-American, Former World Class Sprinter Show YOU Exactly How To Dramatically Improve Your Sprint Times, Refine Your Technique and Boost Your Speed IQ

Join the SCORES of other athletes around the world who are already running FASTER and with enhanced TECHNIQUE & POWER…and running times that they never thought possible!

Dramatic improvement in my speed!"

A collegiate All-American and top-ranked professional sprinter, Marcus Brunson, aka "Brunson Burner", has worked in the speed enhancement industry his entire adult life. 

Formerly as a world-class sprinter and currently as a speed coach that delivers world-class service…

He's works with athletes of all ages and from nearly every sport too. 

He's worked with pro athletes, college athletes, high school athletes and youth athletes. 

Why do so many people come to Marcus for help…and why do his clients give him such positive reviews for him and his training methods?

It’s because his training methods produce results!

And what he has done to IMPROVE their SPEED and TECHNIQUE, he can now do for YOU.

In order to assist as many speed-seeking athletes as possible, Marcus has developed a brand new speed enhancement product called…

Marcus Brunson is a former All-Pro sprinter that has run the 100m dash in under 10 seconds and twice ran the #1 time in the world for the 60m dash

"Thank you so much! I've shaved .21 off my 

40 (yard dash) and it's only been 3.5 weeks! I can't 

wait see how much more time I can drop!"   

~ Brandon S. (football, 10th grade)

The "Be a Burner" Speed Training E-course

"a revolutionary off-season speed enhancement training program that has helped hundreds of athletes take their game to a whole new level"...

Now let’s hear what the Burner himself has to say about his brand new speed training program that’s already helped hundreds of athletes world-wide run faster and with better form. 

Hi, I’m Marcus Brunson…

Regardless of what you think, if a coach has to choose between 2 athletes of a similar skill set, he or she will ultimately choose the faster athlete. 

And not only will the faster athlete make the team, get the starting position and more playing time, he or she will also get the scholarship and a shot at the pros! 

I know it might sound a little unfair but there’s a reason why the faster athlete gets this preferential treatment. 

And that reason is simple... 

In athletics, SPEED RULES! 

It creates advantages, possibilities, opportunities and separation on the game field.

And before I tell you how my brand new Be a Burner Speed Enhancement E-course can help you run faster, I’d like to take a minute to tell you a little about the back story of how it was designed.

You'll see how it's a little different than the other speed development programs that are on the market right now and you'll see why there's a reason why the vast majority of my students quickly progress from struggling, frustrated, and just plain "slow"… to running faster, running with better technique, and becoming more explosive!

And as a result, they also become more confident, knowledgeable, and overall just better athletes!

I set a new PR and then another one!"

My strength, speed and explosiveness, and overall fitness increased tremendously thanks to the Burner Training System!! 

~ Nicole B. (Track and Field, college freshman)

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

When it comes to training for speed, I can safely say that I know a thing or two! I've run some of the fastest times in the world and trained with Olympic champions. Just so you know I not blowing "hot air", here are a few of my achievements as a "speedster":

• 4-time All-State Track Athlete in the State of Arizona

• Arizona Gatorade Male Track Athlete of the Year

• 7-time NCAA All-American

• Former NCAA 60m Dash Record Holder

• Pac-12 Male Track Athlete of the Year (formerly the Pac-10)

• Former top-ranked professional sprinter 

• Ran the 100m dash in under 10 seconds

• Twice Ran the #1 time in the world for the 60m Dash

And Another Reason You Should Listen Up...

Not only do I have a practical understanding of speed training but I also have a pretty good theoretical understanding of it too. I am fortunate in the fact that I've been able to do discuss speed with some of the top coaches and trainers in the world.  

And I've continued to update my beliefs regarding how to properly train for speed, spending my last 6 years working at cutting-edge sports performance centers such as Velocity Sports Performance and Athletic Republic. 

Looking at some of my athletic accomplishments, you might be tempted to think that I was fast all of my life, but the truth of the matter is: 

I took a lot of “L’s” before I took a lot of “W’s”!

I can still remember my days as a youth athlete yearning for more speed and ways to get faster

Don’t get me wrong…I was never what you would call “slow” but then again I wasn’t always nicknamed the Burner either!


I still remember I got 5th place in the 50-yard dash at my first track meet. And the reason I remember this is because my older cousin Chris never lets me forget it!


But even when I didn’t have my “burners”, I still had a relentless work ethic. If you told me that something would make me faster, I would do it and do it times 10!

You would catch me in the backyard doing everything from doing "knee-benders" to running with ankle weights on to doing starts to plyometrics and everything else!


The main reason that I had a burning desire for more speed was because my dad always made sure that I played “up”. 


I was constantly competing with and against the older kids…So even though I was fast for my age, that doesn’t do much for you when you're playing against athletes that are 2-3 grades ahead of you. 


And when you’re playing up, you either get good fast or you get embarrassed!


I don’t think I have to tell you that in an environment like that, one is highly motivated to search out all of the training methods and tips that one can use to produce some real results!


And in the shortest amount of time possible...

And so began my lifelong quest to uncover the hidden secrets of developing more speed…

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to look too far when I got started on my path for more speed. 

My dad was a coach who possessed a great understanding of what it took in regards to training athletes…He was the P.E., football, basketball and track coach at an elementary school.  


On top of molding the skills and lives of many young athletes in the urban Phoenix area. Coach Brunson also led quite a few of his teams and athletes to championships during in his 26-year tenure. 


He was especially skillful in preparing his track athletes before the state championships. 


My dad was a standout football player and ended up playing in the NFL. Even though his talents were mainly confined to the gridiron, he had an outstanding track career in high school and junior college.  

His love for track never left him; he was always watching track and field. Especially the sprints...

He would record all of the races on TV and watch them over and over again, trying analyze every last detail of each sprinter’s performance. He would always crack us up, talking about so and so has ‘world-class” speed. 


I still remember sitting in the living room watching “film” with my dad as a teen. He would slow the footage down so he could break everything down frame by frame to point out the things I should be looking out for: "Look at the knee drive"; "See how relaxed he is"; "Stay on your toes", "etc"...

After years and years of watching the best sprinters in the world over and over again, I not only fell in love with track but I also began to come up with my own answers to the question:

"How are pro sprinters so fast?"

Sure, a lot of it is due to their genes BUT I've always had a suspicion that just as much can be attributed to HOW the sprinter trains.

And that suspicion has evolved into a certainty over the years as I have seen many cases of athletes with superior talent get beat by athletes who weren't as blessed in the genes department because of a difference in work ethic.

"Genetics" can only take you so far but the right training can do wonders for a person's speed!    

If you don't believe me, think about the following question, "Do you think you Usain Bolt, who hit the genetic lottery, would be the world record holder in the 100m and 200m dash if he didn't do the right training?

I hate to sound cliché but it's true that "HARD WORK BEATS TALENT WHEN TALENT DOESN'T WORK HARD!" 


But I would later find out thatI would later find out that success in speed development is not only dependent on how a sprinter trains but it's also based on his or her understanding of the sprint performance.

And that point was driven home when I served as a training partner for Olympic Gold Medalists Justin Gatlin and Shawn Crawford from Nov. 2004 to April 2005. 

I was blessed to be a fly on the wall and learn from the SCUSA group. Those 5 months that I trained with the group were literally an advanced speed education course.  

Each day I learned something new from the coaches and the athletes. After I went back home to train on my own, I was able to integrate the drills, tips and principles that I picked up from working out in an elite training environment.  

These new jewels that I picked up helped round out my training regimen and my ever-evolving theory on speed development. 

This newly formed speed "combination" was the birth of what would become my brand new speed enhancement program, "Be a Burner".  

What is the Be a Burner Speed Enhancement E-course?

The Be a Burner Training System is a safe and comprehensive speed enhancement program that can be utilized by athletes of all sports and ages.

It is a the culmination of all of the speed workouts, drills, tips and lessons that I learned throughout my entire track career and the ones that I use today to help my clients run faster.

It’s my sole aim in Be a Burner to share with you all of the things that I picked up over the course of an entire career in order to help you run faster. I'm going to give you the know-how and the show-how that you’ll need to knock those precious ticks off of the stopwatch!

What Is Included In The Be a Burner Speed Enhancement E-course?

The Be a Burner E-course is broken up into 2 different sections:

Both of these sections have a combined number of 18 lessons containing nearly 5 hours of video instruction. 

1. The “Speed Education” videos 

The Speed Education Section is you where you will boost your “Speed IQ”

You’ll learn ALL of the speed-enhancing LESSONS, TIPS, and TRAINING PRINCIPLES that I utilized throughout my career, including those that I used to coach myself to a world-leading performance in the 60 meter dash and the 100 meter dash in under 10 seconds.

Starting with learning what the most important aspect of speed development is; to how to set up your hands, feet, hips, knees and head for a 2pt, 3pt and 4pt stance; to how to execute a proper start; to breaking down the sprint performance until running "fast" is easy' to setting up a warm up that ensures you run your fastest; to how to perform your best on race/game day; to much more...

And to make these lessons even more relevant, I’ll also give you a step-by-step breakdown of the 40 yard dash, 60 yard/meter dash and the 100m dash

2. The “Speed Training” videos  

The Speed Training Section is where you’ll learn all of the drills and workouts that I used to become a “Burner”. You’ll get a real-time look at each DRILL, TRICK along with a video breakdown of each drill to ensure you understand what you are doing and the reason why!

We’ll cover drills/exercises/workouts for:

• Flexibility development/enhancement

• Speed development/enhancement

• Technique development/enhancement

• Power enhancement/development

• General strength circuits 

• And much more…

"I'm so much quicker off the mark! acceleration and my ability to hold top speed is much better..."

~ Peter R. (Soccer, only sophomore on Varsity)

My acceleration has improved so much!

And here are just a few of the speed-enhancing things you will learn from the Be a Burner E-course…

• Discover what the #1 NON-SPRINTING exercise is that you can adopt to enhance your speed 

• Learn the MOST IMPORTANT aspect in all of speed development (NOTE: It's not what you think!) 

• Master my favorite drills for specifically enhancing an athlete’s start and first step quickness 

• Learn 2 SECRET TIPS that will help you maximize your transition phase (NOTE: This is what the pros use!) 

• Explore the 3 devils that make up the "dark side" of speed development and learn ways you can avoid them

• Increase your Speed I.Q. so that you can RUN FASTER and with less effort

• Discover the best method for enhancing your FLEXIBILITY and improving your RANGE OF MOTION

• Find out which drill I was talking about when I said, "If there was only 1 drill that I could use for speed and technique enhancement - it would be this!” (NOTE: This single drill is responsible for most of the success that I had as a sprinter!)

• Learn some bonafide ways to help you perform like a champion on game day 

• I’ll also show what books you need to read to help you continue your speed development education 

• Plus much more…

If it's your goal is to get a little faster, then by all means stick to what you're doing...but if you're ready to take a BIG leap in your speed development, then this training system is for you.

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I’m so confident that the Be a Burner E-course will help you improve your speed, enhance your technique and help you become the best athlete that you can be that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

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FREE! 8 Week Speed Enhancement Program - Show Up and Show Out

This is a proven speed and conditioning program that I designed to help your boost your 

speed, technique and your cardio. 

This will get you into peak game shape and will use interval training to improve your fitness and conditioning 5 times faster. You will be in better shape than anyone else on the field. This was the 

key to me being able to score many game-winning goals late in games because I could run circles 

around my opponents.

FREE! 4 Week Strength Development Program - Built for Speed

A 4-Week Strength Program called “Built 4 Speed”, that was designed by my college strength coach, 

Joe Marsit, to Help you Enhance Your Speed and Power. 

 These exercises will wake your fast twitch fibers up for sure!

FREE! Sample Meal Plan for Elite Athletes - Enhanced Nutrition = Enhanced Performance  

Check out this template to find ways to help you get the most out of your calories. It's based on 

the same one that I used when I competed as a professional sprinter.

FREE! The Be a Burner Exercise Reference Manual 

This is your electronic Be a Burner pocket guide. This 100-page exercise manual highlights all of 

the core Be a Burner exercises that you'll need to master to achieve the biggest gains. 

And I haven't even told you the coolest part yet...

How would you like the opportunity to ask me your speed specific questions?

Well, now you can!  

Just in case you ever get stuck with the Be a Burner Speed Enhancement E-course, you can rest easy knowing that you can hit me up...

I've included an "Ask the Expert" link in each e-course so start asking away! 

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